Sunday, July 9, 2017

little moments: june

A lot of things happened in June--we got more settled into our house, changed work schedules, played a lot, planned a lot, and had a baby. Overall, a good time. Except when it was 95 degrees and 40 weeks pregnant. So many highlights!
 Rhett finished swim lessons and did awesome. My favorite part was seeing him in his swim goggles--a mini André
Learning the art of hammocking from a young age
BMX show at the library--Rhett got one of the biker's autograph and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Typical--finding a girl to follow around the park. This day it was a girl he could sunbathe with at the splashpad.
 Soaking in our adventures before baby came--we explored a historical farm on the hottest day of the year. The chickens and horses were the biggest hits.
Daniel Tiger day at the children's museum!
Riding the trolley.
Meeting Daniel! The highlight of Rhett's week for sure.
 We've got a natural on the piano.
39 weeks. So pregnant.
Rhett took over making Father's Day cards this year--this was his "I love you note to Poppy
Making superheroes at a kids cooking class. The sidekick hummus blob is an octopus, obviously.
 A chocolate ukelele for our favorite uke-playing dad
Father's Day breakfast in bed!
1pm church was been rough for Rhett--one day he sprawled and ask Andre to trace his face until his fell asleep. At least he was still during sacrament meeting?
Building a robot at the library
 Community red, white, and blue festival. Rhett rocked the bike parade.
Riding on the little train.
Touching the snake--he definitely didn't get that from me.
Future firefighter?
Tessa time!
Taking a walk around the hospital on her first day.
Our first night at home--I loved this moment with us all admiring her in her room.
Trying to document when Rhett is happy he has a little sister, like when he helped Andre carry her carseat to the doctor.

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  1. You have the cutest kids! And the best library! And I still can't believe you drove yourself to the hospital while in labor! You're amazing!


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