Sunday, June 4, 2017


We had a Kaiser family trip to Moab on the calendar long before we even started looking for a house, so we moved in, dumped our boxes, and then headed out of town. We had a great weekend with lots of family time and nature time and Rhett turned into a mini rock climber. 
Rhett was obsessed with baby Maura and thought everything she did was hilarious. He loved to read her books and teach her about trains. 
 Turns out Moab and all its adventurous activities isn't the best place for an 8-month pregnant lady, but we still had fun. The moms and babies went to the dinosaur park one morning and walked on the trail with 100+ dinosaur models. Rhett was in heaven.
The non-pregnant crowd went on a harder hike that Andre said we pretty awesome.

Rhett wanted to climb allll the rocks, so we decided to capitalize on the burst of bravery and let him. A few of the climbs made me a little nervous, but he did awesome and was so proud of himself. 
Other highlights were finding the perfect shade of greige to paint our house (inspiration comes from strange places!), Andre winning at the hockey video game of his childhood, consuming more jelly beans than should be allowed, Rhett getting a free dinosaur bone from the rock store, and lots of fun time relaxing with family.
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