Wednesday, May 31, 2017

little moments: may

holy cow, where did the month go? between being super pregnant, buying a house, moving, and all that fun end-of-the-year things, it's been a little crazy around here. Some of our favorite moments:
 Vikings at the science museum
Cousins came to visit! Rhett (and all of us) loved having the Richardsons stop though Colorado.
A milk carton car creation
"Look at my graduation cap, Mom!"
 Andre's birthday got caught up in all the craziness, but he was happy with Superman pajamas, a great card from Rhett, and a fun birthday date, so we'll call it a win.
Andre got an electric skateboard for his new commute and had to test it out--we all think he's pretty cool.
Officially homeowners! It's an overwhelming and exciting process.
More cousins! Rhett loves playing and holding Maura
Celebrating his summer birthday on the last week of preschool--donut holes for everyone!
Last day of preschool. What a year!
Rhett and his teacher, Mrs. Donnelly. She is a total gem.
The Mariners came to town, so of course we had to go. They creamed the Rockies so I was happy, and there was snacks and dancing, so Rhett was happy.
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