Tuesday, April 25, 2017

things to remember lately

Life is speeding by...there is a lot of craziness and a lot of big life changes coming soon (I feel like this is just how we do things, with lots of huge things every few years with calmness in the middle). Here are some snippets I don't want to forget:

Rhett's job for helping set the table is to put the napkins on the table and clear them when we're done eating. He didn't want to do it one night, so Andre said he could either do the napkins or wash the dishes. It was supposed to be punishment, but Rhett really wanted to do the dishes and now he's an expert--a messy, slow expert, but he does it all the same.
I love serving in young womens. The girls are getting ready for trek (I volunteered to bring a newborn along for authenticity, but for some reason no one went for that) and we spent last week at the fabric store picking the perfect print for their matching skirts. They are so sweet and great and laugh at my dumb jokes.

Andre shaved his beard out of the blue a few weeks ago and surprised us when he came out of the shower clean shaven. It took Rhett a few minutes to realize what was different until he said "Dad, I can't see your beard!"

I need to accept the fact that I just can't make no bake cookies. I tried again on Sunday and after the fact remembered that I haven't successfully made them since we've been married. They taste great, but just never harden and stay a gloopy mess. Time to cut my losses.

But! Andre got me a bundt pan for my birthday and I've been making bundt cake for any reason I can lately. This is totally my jam--easy to make, looks fancy, tastes great. Just call me the bundt queen.

Rhett slept in our closet the other night because the Richardsons were staying with us for the night. We were a little worried he would be traumatized, but he loved it and was sad when I had to take the air mattress down. This kid.

My slow attempts at making a baby quilt continue. Finding the motivation is hard, but I finally cut the squares and will (maybe) pin it tonight. My goal is to finish it this week (ha) before works gets ultra-crazy next week.

Paint samples and carpet and appliances and furniture and everything else!

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