Sunday, April 30, 2017

little moments: april

It's seriously May already? This month flew by in a blur of paperwork and work and playdates and paint samples. But it was also awesome. Some favorite April moments:
 Home Depot kids workshop. Rhett mastered the hammer and the paintbrush and came home with an adorable bunny basket box
The essentials for general conference: coloring page, prophet card, hot chocolate, stuffed animal.
The daily ritual of lounging on the couch with allll the stuffies
Fun with friends at free Ben and Jerry's day
It's been a puzzle frenzy around here lately--Rhett is showing off how big the puzzle is compared to him
Just a teenager hanging out at the park
These two...I just can't get over it
A city-sponsored dinosaur nature walk with a view. Rhett and Lua were super into it.


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