Thursday, March 23, 2017


Long time, no blog. So much has been happening and I have so much to say and also nothing to say. So to help get my groove back, a canned post...

Watching: Bones, again. It started as watching season one so I would know the backstory for the current season (Andre has seen them all but I joined in the middle of the show), but it's grown and now we're on season five. Also, Superstore. And March Madness in the background, obviously.

Listening to: the Moana soundtrack. We finally watched the movie in the cheap theater a few weeks ago, and we've all been hooked on the soundtrack ever since. Lin-Manuel forever. Rhett requests it during breakfast every morning and just sings "You're Welcome" to himself all day.

Wearing: Not maternity clothes. It's a love/hate thing that I don't need them yet--I have some super cute dresses I want to wear, but now it's a pride thing to see how long I can make it. I'm getting closer to needing a rubber band on my jeans, so that's something.

Working on: Freelance articles about AI in the workplace, the impact of Brexit, and computing technology. Trying to muster up the strength/energy to work on a baby quilt--I may have gotten in over my head.

Eating: Grapefruit everything, cereal, granola. I would call them pregnancy cravings, but honestly, this is just slightly exaggerated versions of what I normally eat.

Loving: The gorgeous spring weather (that is supposed to turn to a blizzard soon), fresh-baked banana bread, podcasts during workouts, re-reading old general conference talks, and purging our belongings...again.

Looking forward to: A house?! We just kind of went for it and got a lender and a realtor and now our lives are consumed with looking for a house. The market here is brutal, which means falling in love with a house, putting in an offer, and getting squeezed out by other people. But someday we will find a house and it will all work out, and wow are we looking forward to it.
Unrelated, but cute. Rhett's preschool art show was tonight. Quite the swanky affair--note the fancy glass of "champagne" Sprite in his hand. And a donut hole, obvs. 
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