Thursday, February 16, 2017

the things that rhett says

Having a three-year-old definitely makes things interesting. Rhett always makes us laugh, but as his personality and smarts grow, he has us in stitches on a regular basis. Some of his recent gems that I don't want to forget:

"I wish it was Christmas"
Me too, Rhett. Me too.

"Thank you for the sick people"
Rhett made a chart in primary of things to pray for but didn't break it down into thank yous and please bless. He thanked God for sick people for days and André and I lost it every time.

"My fever is gone, but my cough is still there."
Repeatedly, when asked if he was feeling better. Doctor in training?

"Does Baby like cereal? Does Baby like noodles?"
Rhett constantly asks is the baby likes different foods, especially whatever we're eating at the moment. If he's feeling feisty, he'll ask about something he knows I can't have, like "Does Baby like hot dogs?" My favorite so far was when we were on a walk and Rhett asked "Does Baby like seeing squirrels?"

"Does Cupid poop in his diaper?"

"We looked for crystal treasures outside at preschool today. I found 15!"

Rhett loves everything about primary. I got a report from the music leader that when he gets chosen to be a helper, he jumps out of his chair, fist pumps, and says, "yes!"

"Maybe we can be buddies forever"
To an older girl at the park. It was pure joy when they reunited at the library a few hours later.

Just a little Alfalfa getting ready for church

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