Thursday, February 2, 2017

little moments: january

Honestly, I'm so over winter at this point. Give me spring! But even though we're fighting cabin fever around here, January was pretty great (except the last few days we've spent at home with a sick Rhett). Highlights!
 We came across a bike obstacle course at the mall one day and Rhett was super into it.
Rocking our trip to the zoo. The baby gorilla was our favorite.
Sometimes Rhett falls asleep before bedtime, usually while reading a Thomas book. There's almost always one within arm's reach.
Girl's day to Celestial Seasonings! These ladies have converted me to herbal tea.
A friend gave us a baby mat that Rhett immediately claimed as his tent that he would "maybe" share with baby.
19 weeks pregnant and finally a bump after eating all day...really I'm just embracing the pudgy phase
The winter doldrums have kept us exploring indoor play areas--we found this gem at a neighboring rec center
Lots of time at the church practicing for women's conference. Rhett always needs his turn when I'm done.

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