Tuesday, February 28, 2017

little moments: februrary

warm weather, lots of friends, and plenty of adventures. February was a good month. But for 28 days, it also felt really long? I'm looking back at these pictures and can't believing it all happened this month.
Easy to please: just a box and his favorite stuffie, Flutterbee.
Can't get over this cute boy going to church
Photo booth fun at the children's museum
Rhett doesn't nap anymore, but he'll fall asleep if we're out and about in the afternoon. I discovered I can transfer him to the shopping cart and enjoy some quiet shopping time--it's a win-win
 A science museum trip with friends. Rhett talked about it non-stop for day afterwards
We found the llamas on our way to see literally every exhibit in the museum
Celebrating Burke's birthday at Chuck e Cheese...Rhett was slightly terrified of this ride
Seriously, the weather was amazing. First bike ride of the year! Gotta start training for those Strider races this summer.
New Beginnings with the great YW. It was an Up theme, hence all the balloons.
And then our kitchen got taken over by water beads. 

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  1. Rhett! You are too big! Can't wait to see you guys next month!


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