Sunday, January 1, 2017

little moments: december

More like Rhett's adventures in December, but isn't that what the magic of Christmas is all about? I seriously don't know December went, but it was our first December without finals in our entire marriage, so at least the busy-ness was good! Some of our favorite moments:
 Trying to #LIGHTtheWORLD. My schedule didn't quite work out, but we still got some good service in and hopefully Rhett learned something.
Preschool gingerbread night aka night the kids ate alll the candy.
Santa's village featuring little houses and Santa's workshop that surprised us with really little people inside--apparently that's what they do in December.
Rhett's last day of gymnastics class waiting to enter the gym. He loved everything about it!
 Andre's musical skills made the rounds in December. He sang his original song with one of our missionaries at the nativity display.
We finally caved and took Rhett to a real kids haircut place with car chairs and personal TVs--definitely worth it.
An FHE lesson on the nativity ended with the camel in the tree, naturally.
Suddenly Rhett aged 10 years with a haircut and a fresh cooking class at the children's museum.
Weeks of practice and the youth performed a rousy Christmas song at the ward party--all sorts of proud
Cousin bonding time
Celebrating noon year's eve. Those party blowers were a hit.

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