Friday, January 13, 2017

just triumphs

Good things are happening, folks! We're focusing on the positive to get us through the winter doldrums (I'm officially tired of the season and it's only mid-January. Send help).

Potty training is basically done. Rhett can go by himself if he's feeling it, but he's still in night diapers because I'm not ready for that and I like my sleep, ok? But we'll call this a win.

We paid of Andre's student loans! This is huge, people. We're officially officially not students anymore and it feels so good! Now it's time to save those pennies for a house!

Sunbeams! Rhett is obsessed with primary. I so badly want to be a fly on the wall in there, but I've heard from multiple sources that he's killing it in there and even making comments? He's the only sunbeam in our ward, but he's loving his one-on-one lessons and came home on Sunday and told us the complete story of Samuel the Lamanite. That's a win for sure. 

We survived a Saturday Costco trip last weekend. That's most definitely a triumph. That place is complete crazy-town.

Other triumphs: freelance bylines! We're refreshing our exercise routines! Andre's office is finally being built! Rhett thinks President Obama and President Uchtdorf are the same person!

Snow angel action shot. We spent longer bundling up than we did playing in the snow, but Rhett loved it, so I guess it was a good day?


  1. Such good news all around! And I am totally with you being done with winter, even though it's only mid January and it really hasn't been a bad winter AT ALL here. I'm still ready for warmth. I better get over it and embrace the cold! Love you!

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