Thursday, January 19, 2017

january so far

I'm seriously at a loss about time--how is it already the middle of the month? but also, how are people still talking about new years? wasn't that forever ago?
I'm basically over winter, so we've had to spice it up a bit with some fun snow-approved activities.
 Rhett's first day of Sunbeams. He is the only kid in his class, but he still loves every minute of primary.
 Rhett's first day back at preschool after winter break was delayed by a snow day. We braved the 5 degree temperatures to play in the snow...let's just say that Rhett loved it just a little more than me and wanted to stay outside all day.
 We spent MLK day at the candy factory with friends. It was a little crazy with so many kids and so much sugar, but they loved it (and so did we).

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