Thursday, January 26, 2017

coming soon v.2

We're having a girl in June!
This is new news, but it isn't new news because I'm 19 weeks along and have been super weird about telling people this time. Like, not keeping it a secret on purpose but kind of turning it into a game of how long I can hide the "bump". Also because telling people makes pregnancy go so.much.slower. But we found out we're having a girl and can't keep it to ourselves any more!
So bring on the dresses and headbands that I've been hoarding for months! (we were pretty sure it was a girl all along, and now I don't have to take everything back!)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

january so far

I'm seriously at a loss about time--how is it already the middle of the month? but also, how are people still talking about new years? wasn't that forever ago?
I'm basically over winter, so we've had to spice it up a bit with some fun snow-approved activities.
 Rhett's first day of Sunbeams. He is the only kid in his class, but he still loves every minute of primary.
 Rhett's first day back at preschool after winter break was delayed by a snow day. We braved the 5 degree temperatures to play in the snow...let's just say that Rhett loved it just a little more than me and wanted to stay outside all day.
 We spent MLK day at the candy factory with friends. It was a little crazy with so many kids and so much sugar, but they loved it (and so did we).

Friday, January 13, 2017

just triumphs

Good things are happening, folks! We're focusing on the positive to get us through the winter doldrums (I'm officially tired of the season and it's only mid-January. Send help).

Potty training is basically done. Rhett can go by himself if he's feeling it, but he's still in night diapers because I'm not ready for that and I like my sleep, ok? But we'll call this a win.

We paid of Andre's student loans! This is huge, people. We're officially officially not students anymore and it feels so good! Now it's time to save those pennies for a house!

Sunbeams! Rhett is obsessed with primary. I so badly want to be a fly on the wall in there, but I've heard from multiple sources that he's killing it in there and even making comments? He's the only sunbeam in our ward, but he's loving his one-on-one lessons and came home on Sunday and told us the complete story of Samuel the Lamanite. That's a win for sure. 

We survived a Saturday Costco trip last weekend. That's most definitely a triumph. That place is complete crazy-town.

Other triumphs: freelance bylines! We're refreshing our exercise routines! Andre's office is finally being built! Rhett thinks President Obama and President Uchtdorf are the same person!

Snow angel action shot. We spent longer bundling up than we did playing in the snow, but Rhett loved it, so I guess it was a good day?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

little moments: december

More like Rhett's adventures in December, but isn't that what the magic of Christmas is all about? I seriously don't know December went, but it was our first December without finals in our entire marriage, so at least the busy-ness was good! Some of our favorite moments:
 Trying to #LIGHTtheWORLD. My schedule didn't quite work out, but we still got some good service in and hopefully Rhett learned something.
Preschool gingerbread night aka night the kids ate alll the candy.
Santa's village featuring little houses and Santa's workshop that surprised us with really little people inside--apparently that's what they do in December.
Rhett's last day of gymnastics class waiting to enter the gym. He loved everything about it!
 Andre's musical skills made the rounds in December. He sang his original song with one of our missionaries at the nativity display.
We finally caved and took Rhett to a real kids haircut place with car chairs and personal TVs--definitely worth it.
An FHE lesson on the nativity ended with the camel in the tree, naturally.
Suddenly Rhett aged 10 years with a haircut and a fresh cooking class at the children's museum.
Weeks of practice and the youth performed a rousy Christmas song at the ward party--all sorts of proud
Cousin bonding time
Celebrating noon year's eve. Those party blowers were a hit.

christmas 2016

The Kaisers took over Utah this Christmas for a week of fun-filled family time. It was super relaxing--games, snacks, and chatting all day with only a few outings and lots of snuggles with baby Maura (except for me and the dang cold I had all week). It was nice to slow down after a busy year. And bonus! André got to join us for a long weekend that didn't even use any vacation days, though his flight was delayed til 2am--let's not talk about that. 
On to Christmas highlights!

Rhett thought the lights at Temple Square were magical--alll the lights, the temple, and shoulder rights from alternating uncles? The best combination for a three-year-old boy. 
 Cookies for Santa. Tracking Santa all Christmas Eve was serious business for Rhett. 
Matching pajamas. Rhett was obsessed with his first Kaiser cousin Maura. And fun fact! These pictures weren't taken on Christmas day, but the afternoon of Christmas Eve before the dumping of snow for our white Christmas. 

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