Sunday, November 12, 2017

just some thoughts

I've gotten some creepy/weird robo-comments on my posts lately, so I'm going to take the blog private for a bit. If you're one of the five people who reads this thing and want to keep reading, comment or send me your address and I'll put you on the VIP list.

Second child syndrome is real. We just have so much more going on now than we did when Rhett was a baby (which is kind of crazy, because that was the middle of law school). That, combined with Tessa being super small (10th percentile, baby!) means I just can't believe how fast she is growing. We transitioned her from her pack and play newborn napper to a crib this week. There were some long nights, but we survived. And she tried her jumper and is starting solids this week and soon she'll be driving. Seriously, where has the time gone?

Our new water softener is the best thing we could have purchased for our house. Yes, it is the least glamorous thing to spend a ton of money on, but we can actually drink the water in our house now and the dishes are getting clean!

We went out to dinner the other night to celebrate Andre's promotion and I ordered sushi. This is a momentous occasion. I was inspired by the sample I tried at the grocery store and liked, so I decided I should be a sophisticated person who eats sushi. It was good, but I don't think I'll ever go to a sushi restaurant. Except if it comes on conveyor belts, because that sounds awesome.

Freelancing is awesome and I feel so blessed to have built a "career" of it where I can do what I love, work with some awesome clients, and help support the family. But a few of my long-term clients are moving to internal writers, which stinks and means I'm on the lookout for more projects. It's a roller coaster for sure.

Christmas is so soon! I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I've got big plans and most of the shopping done and I'm addressing Christmas cards this week, but seriously, when did this happen? How is it almost the end of the year?

I've started doing a weekly pilates class with some ladies from church, and it is killer. And awesome. Half way through every class I vow to never do it again, but by the end I'm feeling good and can't wait to come back next week.

I found a few gray hairs this week. It's not adding to my worry that I turn 29 in a few months, which is basically 30.

Rhett is hilarious and way too smart for his own good. Today he asked me what invasion means and then told me his plan (with actions) of what to do if there was an invasion and animals took over the world. He's also recently gotten terrified of porcupines, which is hilarious and endearing all at once. I'm trying to convince him that his chances of getting attacked by a porcupine in the suburbs are pretty darn low.
Every post needs pictures--the two cutest kids around! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween is one of Rhett's favorite holidays, which has made it one of mine too. This year we got in as much celebrating as we can (which means so. much. candy), and we had the best time.
 Making/finding Halloween costumes for Rhett has been so much fun (the UPS man of 2015 will always take the cake). This year I wanted him to get involved, so we settled on a robot a while ago and made the costume together. Putting those old diaper boxes and recycling to good use! His favorite part was the turbo boosters, which he showed off to everyone while we were trick or treating.  He was very specific that he was a worker robot, the RhettBot 4. If you pushed a special sequence of buttons on the front, it would initiate the "dance" sequence or the "invisible" ability. 
 For some reason, we have never carved pumpkins in 6 years of marriage. Blasphemy, I know. I think we tried a few years ago but gave up because it was too gooey. We finally did it this year, and it was so much fun. Rhett loved it, of course, and was so proud of the happy pumpkin he had been planning for weeks. 
 Tessa was a pineapple because she is adorable. 
Andre's mom had the idea to dress up the baby cousins like grandmas when Maura was in town the weekend before Halloween. It was a process trying to photograph two tired babies, but look at them! I still can't look at the pictures without laughing. 
 Are you kidding me??

Thursday, November 2, 2017

october moments

October--a month of sunny days, happy kids, and fall goodness. It was a good month! 
 Snuggles with Great Grandma on her 80th birthday
 Showing our Rockies pride for the postseason...too bad Rock-tober only lasted for one day.
 This is Tessa in October--smiley, mouth open, hands ready to grab anything that comes her way
 And of course Rhett wanted his picture taken too. But a good reminder of our daily toast and smoothie breakfasts. 
 Andre took his cufflinks to his first craft show. He made some great connections and has lots more selling days coming up
 Coldest soccer game ever. Fog + icey rain + grumpy baby. Not the best morning.
 Adventuring to new parks.
 Tessa turned 16
 First time in the swing! She was ambivalent about it.
 We found our new go-to pumpkin patch. Pretty close to home, not crowded, free, and a hay maze. That's all we've ever wanted. Rhett loved the old tractor. 
 Pulling our prized pumpkins
 Cutest pumpkin kids around
 Post-church snuggles
 Rhett declared Tessa the "queen of the pumpkins"
 Gorgeous fall sunrises
 Rhett has been working on his second grade dinosaur book. He cracks the code on his own and then I read him the answer. I had to take a picture to document how great he was doing on his own.
 Little baby in a big snowsuit
 A cold night at Elitches with friends--the boys loved the Halloween decorations.
 A fun night riding alll the rides

Thursday, October 26, 2017

missouri road trip

Finally getting around to blogging about our trip to Missouri a few weeks ago.
We had been planning this trip for a year, ever since Rhett and I got to visit my parents on their mission last Thanksgiving and Andre didn't get to come. We were a little nervous about the 9-hour drive, but the kids did awesome and it really wasn't bad. (Now we're brainstorming all the other road trips we can take).
We had the best time visiting missionary Nana and Poppy. We weren't even 30 minutes down the road on our way back when Rhett said "I miss Nana and Poppy when I'm not at their house", and he's talked about this trip about every day since we've been home. Definitely a win!
 Union Station! Rhett still talks about this place from the last time we went. The Halloween trains were extra fun and festive. 
 Fritz's, of course. Nothing like juicy hamburgers delivered by train!
 We visited the College Basketball Experience, which is one of the few things in town my parents hadn't done. Definitely recommend! We were basically the only people there and had free reign of the place--Rhett loved the giant basketball in the kids area. 
 Poppy and Rhett as ESPN announcers
 Our favorite game--hit the targets as the light up and the clock counts down. The best was when Rhett, Andre, and I teamed up and did it together. 
 Tessa Kaiser, card shark (note the Uno cards in the bumbo)
 A very windy visit to Adam-ondi-Ahman. Beautiful and so peaceful.

 The country store in Far West with Brother Joseph
 Far West Temple site
 We had to pick up a few groceries and Rhett insisted on helping, so here he is, lugging the basket all by himself. 
 A few visits to the Independence visitors center, of course. Sharon and Toby are the VIPs of that place.
 Just the cutest senior missionaries at Liberty Jail.
A park with giant animals to play on and cute kids? Great day!

And somehow I didn't get any pictures of the amazing BBQ we ate, but trust us that it was a highlight. Thanks for a great trip, Missionary Mom and Dad! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

little moments: september

it is legitimately the middle of October and the site I use to make collages just started charging to save pictures (you're dead to me picmonkey), but better than late than never, right? My posterity will thank me. September!
 These two. All the heart eye emojis. This was the beginning of the few weeks where Rhett wanted a picture on the chair with Tessa almost every day. 
 Soccer started. He's obsessed and it is so much fun to watch. 
 We went to the kite + plane festival and Rhett got to fly a model plane. He was in heaven and the teenage boy who made the plane was so nice to him. 
 Miss Sass is done with the mother's lounge photo session. But those shoes! and the (way too big) headband!
 Broncos pride for the first game of the season
 The cutest face I've ever seen. 
 I think this was the day Rhett declared that he and Tessa are best friends. And note the gingerbread and candy cane socks--guess who picked those out. 
 Tessa's first playground experience. Life is so much more exciting out of the stroller. 
 Some early morning Star Wars reading, of course. 
 Finally used our Butterly Pavillion passes. 
 So many games of "Mom, what word does this make?"
 We figured out that if I jog with the stroller and Rhett rides super fast, we go about the same speed, which made for some fun exercising adventures. 

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