Monday, December 5, 2016

thanksgiving in independence

Never mind that Thanksgiving was a thousand years ago and we are in full-blown Christmas mode around here--I have to document our great trip to the midwest for Thanksgiving.

André only got Thanksgiving off (new job problems), but that didn't stop Rhett and I from taking a trip to Missouri to see my missionary mom and dad. We loved seeing Nana and Poppy in missionary mode and fell in love with the charm of Kansas City and Independence.
Hallmark's headquarters are in Kansas City, and they have an amazing, free kids art studio full of all kinds of supplies and creativity. Rhett was more into dancing with Poppy, but we definitely snagged lots of art supplies to take home. And found this fun couch!
Fritz's! Rhett was obsessed (so was I). A train-themed restaurant where the food is delivered via ceiling train track and model trains? Yes please!

Making rolls with Nana.
Just the cutest senior missionary couple you'll ever see.
Nana teaches Rhett the beauty of art museums. I teach him the beauty of the pillar lean. 

Art history class throwback.
Independence Visitor's Center groupies. We went a few times and loved it every time.

We stumbled on a room to write letters to Santa at Union Station. Rhett was sad to let his letter go but excited to ask Santa for cool cars. 

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