Wednesday, November 16, 2016

just some thoughts

How is Thanksgiving seriously next week? Bring on the stuffing and pie!

It is taking all my energy to not put up Christmas decorations yet. I caved the other day and listened to Christmas music, and I'm slowly wearing Andre down--last night he said I could bring in the Christmas bins. A step in the right direction!

Potty training, man. We finally just went all in and Rhett is rocking it, but there are some days I'd rather not deal with it and just want to put him in diapers again. Constant vigilance!

The weather this fall has been unreal. I'm a little sad I haven't had a chance to wear a coat or scarf yet, but kids in shorts in November is pretty great. Too bad I have a feeling we'll pay for it this winter.

I'm writing this on my phone while Rhett is in story time and I can distinctly hear his laugh through the door. A sign of things to come.

Earnings season finished last week (praises!), so I have my evenings back. But how is it that I'm still scrambling to get everything in?

My new calling in young women's is a major blast from the past. I see teenage me in all these girls and am trying to not to tell too many stories that start "when I was your age..." It's a fine line between being the cool, young leader and still having some authority, you know?

This clock has been a great investment for Rhett's room. He's getting pretty good about not coming out of his room until the clock turns green, which is awesome because naps are now far and few between. 

But seriously, all that is on my mind is Christmas...just get here, already!

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