Thursday, November 3, 2016


What a fun, action-packed Halloween. Rhett picked his costume for the first time ever (Nick from Zootopia) and was obsessed with it. As soon as he had his ears and tail on, we had to call him Nick. Not everyone knew who he was (one guy called him a businessman?), but the people who got it loved it. Our whole week turned into seeing what crazy things we could get Rhett to do while wearing a fox costume. 
Trick or Treat Street at the Children's Museum. Rhett scored some awesome (healthy?) treats and we even beat the crowds. Definitely remembering this one for next year.

Trick or treating at the outdoor store, as you do. Rhett loved the games in every department and we loved the chocolate.
Our most unique and wonderful Halloween was Andre's attorney oath ceremony--the perfect way to pre-game for trick or treating. It was very official with the state supreme court and then Andre got sworn in and can wear the official pin and then the law school threw a reception and hit us up for, pretty good all around. And now we have an official lawyer in our house!

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