Monday, October 17, 2016

temple cultural celebration

Right after we moved to our new ward, I got a phone call from the bishop asking if I wanted to help with the youth cultural celebration for the new Fort Collins temple. Not really knowing the youth or what I was getting myself into, I jumped at the chance.

After months of rehearsals and meetings, things finally came together for the performance on Saturday, and it was amazing! My grass dancers said it was the best performance they had every done, and it showed. I seriously had tears in my eyes the entire time. President Uchtdorf was treated by a rock star (naturally), and was seriously so much energy and a strong spirit in the stadium. We're all still on the cultural celebration high days later.
Final number. The set was a quarter-scale replica of the temple that transformed from a military fort--so cool!
Opening of our Native American dance
and the grass!

For your enjoyment, here is a good view of our dance. Here are highlights from the cultural celebration and dedication, and the whole thing is here

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