Wednesday, October 5, 2016

little moments: september

Kite flying adventures--it sounded better on paper
Loving our new membership to the children's museum...painting and a recycle catepillar
Another beautiful day at the temple
 Rhett finally braved the face painting booth at the farmer's market. He was obsessed with being Rhett Toby Tiger.
Cute nature boy
Andre ran the Broomfield Days 5K, got 1st place in his age group, and scored a cheap medal!
Rhett did the Broomfield Days clown contest and got 5th place out of 5 kids in his age group (he was robbed), but he came away with a giant stuffed animal so he's happy!
Those Colorado sunsets
A trip to White Fence Farm to celebrate Andre's job (and relive his childhood). The goats were suuper pregnant.
Corn fritters!
Rhett was obsessed with the joke-telling chickens. 

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