Sunday, October 23, 2016

a week of fall fun

We are soaking up the season as much as we can! It's crazy that October is almost over.
Last week at story time the kids painted coffee filters, which the librarian turned into hot air balloons on the window--Rhett was so excited to find his masterpiece. 
We finally took advantage of the library's museum pass and took a trip to the Nature and Science Museum--5 kids four and under and two adults is no joke, but the boys had so much fun together. 
Halloween festivities have begun! Rhett was so excited to debut his Nick costume for the mall carnival/trick or treating. Most people knew who he was "that fox from Zootopia", but the old ladies were confused and one guy called him a businessman. You can't win them all, I guess. I still think he's super cute! 
Yearly trip to the pumpkin patch! We snuck it in right before they closed, which ended up being the perfect time to go. Rhett's favorite part was the hay maze--he did it at least five times!
Our fall tradition four years running--crazy we've been in Colorado this long!

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