Wednesday, September 7, 2016

labor day weekend

I love Labor Day--a great holiday with no obligations except to enjoy and have fun. Thanks to law school our celebrations have stalled, but we made up for it this weekend with flying colors. Family time, girls nights, games nights, and fun galore!

I got to play the piano in the reception tent of the Fort Collins temple open house on Saturday. It was amazing and I could have played all afternoon. Playing with the temple in view made all of the hymns more special.
Also, just realized I never blogged about going through the open house a few weeks ago. It was beautiful. We talked a lot about it beforehand, and something must have stuck with Rhett because he got it. He's asked ever since when we can go back to the temple.

Saturday evening we headed to the Rockies game. It was the perfect night for baseball! The Rockies didn't do so hot, but we still had a great time. Rhett totally caught on the all the clapping rhythms and literally couldn't contain himself whenever music played--he had to dance.

Music came on right when we took the picture, hence the dancing boy.

On Monday we drove to Estes Park. I can't believe we've lived an hour away for years and never gone. We started with a "hike" around Lake Estes. Beautiful! Afterwards, we jumped on the free trolley (just like Daniel Tiger!) to ride the few blocks downtown. It would have been faster to walk, but we can't turn down a cute free ride.
Downtown was charming. Every other shop was a candy store or a souvenir shop, but we made it out unscathed (thanks, No Spend September). There were TWO Christmas shops (that's how you know things are great) and were obsessed. A beautiful picnic to soak in the views, and we were on our way home. 
There were xylophones and chimes to play all over downtown--clearly a hit with kids and adults
We ended the day with a BBQ with friends where the kids went ham in the backyard and the adults ate and chatted on the deck--perfect. Andre and I had a Superstore marathon after Rhett was in bed and soaked in the last of a great weekend.

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