Wednesday, September 14, 2016

just some thoughts

Elder Christofferson visited us for a special stake conference on Sunday and it was just the boost I needed. You're going great, God watches over you, and President Monson loves you! Elder Christofferson wanted to meet all the children after the meeting, and Rhett marched up like he owned the place. My heart burst when they shook hands (and then Rhett gave Sister Christofferson, our stake president, and the visiting 70 each a high-five).

Someday I might get tired of everything that comes with kids in school, but I am eating it up so far. Yesterday Rhett brought home his first book order catalog and poured over the pages--a child after my own heart.

My new favorite things is carb cycling and wow, is it great. It means I get awesome workouts and that I have a reason to make allll the protein shakes and feel great! 

We're more than half-way through No Spend September (only spending money on essentials and nothing else), and it is amazing! I feel like we do pretty good about not buying unnecessary things, but the first few days it was hard not to buy something small just because it was a great deal. After a few days, it has become so much easier, plus we have more time to play and do fun things instead of running to the store because we "need" something. Highly recommend!

Our camping plans have been foiled again. We tried to go in August but the weather was terrible, so we moved our reservation to our only other free weekend, which is next Friday night. But thanks to a cultural celebration practice, we have to move it again. Just let the kaisers camp!

We've been loving living across the street from the farmers market this summer and getting a huge bag of fresh produce every week. It will be a sad day when the market closes in a few weeks.

Fall! Halloween and pumpkin patches and boots and soup and everything good.

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