Wednesday, September 21, 2016

day out with thomas

"This is our Disneyland," I said to Andre as we looked at the crowd of Thomas-clad toddlers. We are definitely smack dab in the middle of the target demographic, and boy, did they see us coming!

A few months ago we (rather impulsively) bought tickets to Day Out with Thomas, and we were pumped when the day actually arrived. There's something thrilling about keeping a secret from your kid. We gave Rhett a new Thomas shirt in the morning and told him he would get to meet Thomas. Jubilation. 

The place was a little boy's dream. The railroad museum is awesome on its own, but adding Thomas took it to another level. We went on a 20-minute train ride with Thomas and loved every second, especially when the conductor came to punch our tickets.
We also met Sir Topham Hatt (at Knapford Station!), watched the indoor model train and the outside garden trains, had a Thomas singalong, did some crafts, and played in a tent fullll of Thomas train tables. 
We left unscathed until the huge merch tent at the end, but we escaped with our free scavenger hunt prize, a tantrum, and nothing else. 

Perfect for a 3 year old and so much fun!

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