Wednesday, September 28, 2016

camping weekend

We did it! We camped and we survived!
Turns out Rhett is made for the great outdoors, so I don't know why we waited so long to make this happen.
(For some reason, I'm not in any of the pictures, but I promise I was there)

We spent the day playing and hiking in Colorado Springs before heading to our campsite. It was a little more posh than we are used to (we could get wifi from our tent?), but it was perfect for kids. Rhett loved the makeshift playground and made lots of friends.
"Show me the stick, Rhett" It took him about 5 seconds before he started hunting for the best rocks and sticks to throw in the creek next to our tent. 
Rhett and camping...true love.
After a little bocce ball and some exploring, we settled in for Andre's newest love--campsite cooking. We broke in our Dutch oven for some delicious cobbler. It's also when we met Shelby, Rhett's camping girlfriend, who played with him and then came back with her Elsa car to take him for a spin. A match made in heaven. We curled up by the fire and told "ghost" stories until Rhett fell asleep in Andre's lap--a rare occasion.

It got down to 35 degrees at night, but we bundled up and stayed pretty warm. A camping trip for the books!

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