Monday, August 8, 2016

more summer fun

Now that the Bar and earnings season are over, we can finally have some fun!
Some recent summer happenings:

We threw together a race car birthday party for Rhett at the park. He was in heaven to have all of his buddies in one place. Each kid got a new hot wheels car that they loved "racing" down the ramp.
So many friends! So many cupcakes!
Our weekend camping trip got rained out, so we drove five hours roundtrip to the Kit Carson Carousel from Andre's childhood that he has been telling me about for years. Totally worth the drive. That place is magical.
Equally magical was the amazing wooden playground across the street. We played there for hours and seriously could have stayed all day.
When in po dunk Colorado, do as the locals do. Old Town, obvs.
The museum had a warehouse full of old tractors and cars, so clearly Rhett was in heaven.
The way summer is meant to be enjoyed--pants-less and with a popsicle
Baker in training. Having a kitchen that is actually big enough for more than one person means that Rhett can help me. Making cookies for dessert potluck was serious business for him.

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