Tuesday, August 16, 2016

little letters

Dear zucchini,
It's that time of year again when I can't get enough of you. Bring on the bread, muffins, and zucchini parmesan! (and the extra trips to the gym).

Dear Olympics,
Thank you for being the best (obvs) and for giving me allll the emotions. And as an added bonus, thanks for being the best parenting tool ever. Rhett will do anything if it means he gets to watch a little bit of the Olympics before going to bed. I owe you big time, Bob Costas

Dear alone time,
I got to savor you this weekend when the boys were gone for three days, and it was a little bit nice, a little bit overwhelming, and a little too quiet. Me time is nice for a few days (shopping by myself was heavenly!), but it was great when Andre and Rhett rolled back into town.

Dear smallpox,
I'm reading this book and learning way more than I ever wanted to know about infectious diseases and pustulation and quarantines, so three cheers for smallpox being eradicated!

Dear Rhett,
We just bought your first-ever first day of school outfit and I'm mostly excited (but a little nervous) about it. Preschool!

Dear Christmas,
I'm weirdly already planning for you? I know, I know, there are four-plus months to go, but presents! decorations! new traditions! so much to love.


  1. I have been starting to think about Christmas too! And I just read the summary of that book and I don't think I can read it or I'll have nightmares!

    1. It's for my new book club and I'm trying to impress them by actually reading the book--definitely not my choice. It is actually really fascinating. I think John would really like it--lots of stuff about epidemeology and disease spreading!

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