Sunday, August 21, 2016

a week of firsts

Big kids went back to school this week, which means my favorite time of year is here--cooler temperatures and toddlers everywhere with no one to compete with at the parks! (it's the little mom things that make me happy). We've still got a few weeks of summer before preschool starts, so we're soaking it in with lots of fun new activities!
The Fort Collins temple open house started this week, so we spent FHE talking about and building temples. Rhett was very pleased with his creation.
We checked out the city's free nature walks for preschoolers this week, and it was a total hit. Rhett's favorite part hands down was the magnifying glass, obvs.
And a bonus, we found a beautiful reservoir we'd never been to before. 
Kids Club at the mall. Rhett loved the games and songs, I loved the free shirt. Plus we ran into his BFF William, which was fun for the moms to chat and the boys to love each other. This is a 5 Little Monkeys dance party--Rhett and William are right up front like the true groupies they are. 
Our first official practice for the temple cultural celebration. This is 50 young women learning to dance like "rain". I've got to work on my leaps, but I think it will be pretty awesome when it all comes together. Now excuse me while I'm off at twice weekly practices for the next two months!

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