Wednesday, July 6, 2016

moving day

we moved! i drove a uhaul! life is full of accomplishments.
we're settling into life in the 'burbs, but I'm a little gloomy about leaving Boulder. Our new place is awesome and has all the amenities that normal people enjoy (air conditioning! a dishwasher! a washer and dryer!) that we haven't lived with for a while, so that's great. but that little shoebox place in boulder will always have a special spot in my heart.
some things I never want to forget:
walks along Boulder Creek from our backyard
the amazing people watching
neighbors from all over the world and being a minority for being American
being able to walk everywhere
hippies/hobos on every corner
our quirky apartment with nasty floors and a fridge that didn't open all the way because the kitchen was too small and how it was always super hot
how Rhett would yell or sing the abcs on the stairs to hear the echoes between the buildings
scoring great freebies at the dumpster
water day and slip n slide love
so much good food in Boulder!
those gorgeous mountain views around every corner
being able to go to Pearl Street/Chautauqua/hiking whenever we wanted
a free membership to the jankiest gym of all time
cyclists everywhere!
amazing people and a ward that made us feel so loved
waving a daddy's school every time we drove past the law school
farmer's market samples
story time at the library
so much excitement over seeing a Buff Bus or a buff garbage truck
some of Rhett's first words were learning the names of the city busses


  1. we get a new place post as well?!?! Where are you living now?
    p.s. i'm about to start job hunting again, and one of the hubs for my industry is in Denver. So i am kinda hoping to move there. :)

    1. we couldn't afford boulder as non-students, so we're just 20 minutes down the road in broomfield. and yes!!!! come to denver. you will love it. and you can always stay with us when you come to check it out!

  2. The job i applied for is in broomfield! I applied for two, actually. One in Broomfield, the other in Westminster, I think. If I get an interview I will definitely come see you! dinner parties galore. :)


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