Sunday, June 26, 2016

summer fun!

Wow, June just flew by! Andre is knee deep in Bar prep, so Rhett and I are squeezing in all the summer fun and saying our goodbyes to Boulder. Some favorites:
 A trip to the goat farm! Rhett was a little scared at first, but he eventually warmed up and thought it was hilarious when they jumped on things. Downside: we smelled like goats for the rest of the day. 
Rhett found it disconcerting that the goats loved to eat my skirt, but I was loving it
 From the goat farm we were off to community day at the fire station, which was serious business for Rhett.
 We love our neighborhood water day! Slip n slide all day every day!
 We stood in line for an hour to get five free pizzas when Lebron's new pizza shop opened. Definitely worth it. 
 At least three times a day, Rhett snuggles with his stuffed animals and calls me into the room to say "awww". This day was so cute I took a picture and Rhett had to make sure Owl was looking at the camera and smiling. 
 Climbing boulders in Boulder 
 The Pearl Street train is our favorite! Rhett hammed it up and waved to all the tourist and homeless people we passed.
 Soaking in our last days of having this gorgeous creek in our backyard. 
 Open house at the local airport! Future pilot in the making. 
 An evening picnic at our favorite park--Rhett looks at this picture and belly laughs because he thinks he is so funny. 
 Missionary Nana and Poppy came to visit on their way to the mission field! We took them to the bike park where Rhett showed his strider skillz. 

Ice cream cones with Nana!
 Rhett surprised us with his bravery at a family BBQ when he let Bob take him for a ride on the ATV. He even asked to ride again. Our timid boy is growing up!
Our best garage sale find (probably ever)? $5 for an entire box of wood train tracks and trains. Rhett (and Andre) are in heaven. 

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