Tuesday, May 3, 2016

little moments: april

also known as "Rhett-isms". Having a toddler is a daily exercise in randomness and the unexpected.

Boulder boy excited after a hike
Biking boy!
He was motivated by a granola bar for the last few hundred meters, but he made it!
Rhett posing in front of our "General Conference Word Wall" He put a sticker on the card each time he heard the word and loved it!
 "I look like Nick!" (from Zootopia) when putting on a new church shirt. True, he really did.
Cookie Face with toddlers=serious entertainment
Just a bucket head kid
Fishing is serious business.
"Look Mom! I'm making a suspension bridge!" I should tell him to stop playing with his food, but what two-year-old talks about suspension bridges?
A perfectly sized ice cream cone.
Ice cream party to celebrate Andre's last day of classes.
Snow in late April + work deadlines + cranky boy = mid-day hot chocolate. of course. 

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