Tuesday, May 24, 2016

law school graduation!

We've had May 7, 2016 circled on our calendar for three years. Graduation day! André wouldn't let me make a paper chain, but the excitement was definitely there. The entire weekend was a blur, and it still feels a little surreal that he's really done with school (especially because he's still in the law library every day studying for the Bar). But he did it! André Kaiser, J.D.!

The weather forecast was a little dicey for graduation day, so we snapped some pictures around the law school a few days before. I'm so glad we did! We came out of the ceremony to a huge thunderstorm and torrential downpour, so everyone hid undercover while we waited for busses to take us across campus. It was a little chaotic, so pictures didn't really happen. And the few group pictures we took are lost in the shuffle, but we are still soooo grateful for everyone who came.

On actual graduation day, we managed a few pictures before the ceremony. Rhett was so excited for Daddy to graduate!
I regretted holding Rhett like this as soon as I picked him up, but hey, awkward family pictures happen.
Our traditional graduation jumping picture. It's now on hiatus until Rhett graduates. 
Just a junior weatherman hanging out  from the rain with Nana and Poppy 
We had a fun family BBQ (inside, rain) that night. We loved being around so much family and are so grateful for the Treasures and all the Kaisers making the trip to be there. 

I seriously can't believe we survived law school. I don't think I would recommend starting with a one month-old baby, but we made it! It was hard, it was grueling, it was rewarding (especially for André, but for the whole family too). I'm so proud of André and all the long days and nights he put into class, extracurriculars, internships, etc., while still being a great husband and dad.

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  1. Horray!! So happy and excited for you both! Big day!


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