Sunday, May 15, 2016


Our deal for law school has always been that we'd treat ourselves to a kid-less trip after Andre graduated. Well, the day finally came, folks, and it was magical! I don't think we're converted to becoming official "cruisers", but it sure was a fun and relaxing vacation! You want copious amounts of pictures? Sure, if you insist!
Walking onto the ship! I had crazy eyes of excitement for the first day.
This is right after we got onboard, but we recreated this scene every single day. Guy's Burger Bar was by far the best food on board (trust us, we tried.)
 Cruise food is no joke, but it's often quantity over quality. They kept bringing us extra food one night (an entire entree and two sides because our waiter said we "just had to try it") until there wasn't room left on the table. 
 Our first stop was Catalina. It was a little cloudy, but we loved checking out the cute little town. Golf carts everywhere! That's our ship in the background.
 Buffaloes everywhere! Andre was in good company. Apparently buffaloes run wild on other parts of the island, but we settled for the fake versions in town.
Our biggest vacation success was mastering the art of the selfie
 Palm trees! Beaches! Sand!
 This is what happens when it's your birthday on a cruise. At least Andre didn't have to wear a ridiculous hat while everyone sang to him.
 Andre also got roped (aka I volunteered him) to be a VIP in a big show. It basically meant we got to sit in the front row and he did the YMCA and a dance solo and it was amazing.
 Our second stop was Ensenada, Mexico. This is our new retirement plan. The beaches are gold!
Riding horses on the beach. Definitely our favorite part of vacation.

 We also loved La Buffadora, which is considered the most beautiful of the four blow holes in the world.
And because you can't go to Mexico and not eat tacos--they were as delicious as expected.

We spent an extra day in LA after our cruise and spotted a baby whale and its mom on our walk one night.

Definitely a trip for the books!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like such a fun vacation. And well deserved!

  2. This looks amaaaazing!!! I'm convinced the cruise is the way to goooo!

  3. This looks amaaaazing!!! I'm convinced the cruise is the way to goooo!


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