Monday, March 28, 2016

spring break and easter!

Spring break! Thanks to law school/work/our upcoming cruise (!), we stuck around Boulder, which gave Andre plenty of time to work on his Bar/job applications and still have time for some adventures. 

We went on a few outings with family housing, and we got to take the Buff Bus, which was a total dream come true for Rhett. After seeing them drive students all over Boulder, he could hardly believe that he actually got to ride on one. We could have just driven around in the bus and come home and he would've been super happy.

A future archeologist at the Nature and Science Museum--there was a great discovery area where Rhett ran wild and tried everything. 
In true Colorado fashion, our beautiful weather from the beginning of the week took a wintery turn when we got dumped with 16 inches of heavy snow on Wednesday. The snow finally let up so we could go on a walk and build a snowman, then it was time for cookies, hot chocolate, and Cars 2! (Rhett really got spoiled the entire week, all in the name of spring break!)

We took a trip to the aquarium, which was underwhelming. But there was a random tiger that was kind of cool, so I guess that was a win?
Two year old sass is very real. 
André and I got to see Newsies, which was a total dream come true for me. The songs, the sets, and dancing (oh, the dancing!)--I had to stop myself from singing along. 

The snow stuck around for the weekend, but we braved the egg hunt at our neighborhood toy store in our puffer coats (thanks, Colorado). The eggs had coupons that could be pooled for Bunny Money, which Rhett cashed in for a new excavator (of course). Definitely better than cheap candy! 

A not-too-creepy Easter bunny. Rhett was strangely obsessed. 
Snowy spring break weekends mean treat yo self, so we splurged and took Rhett to his first movie in theaters. Zootopia was charming and funny. I don't know how much Rhett got out of it, but he was mesmerized and talks about the animal movie and how it was a "really big treat."
Rhett joined me in bed for Easter morning scripture study. It sounds quainter than it was because he soon just wanted to wrestle. Oh well, baby steps.
We didn't really explain the Easter Bunny, so Rhett probably thinks a basket of dinosaurs and Toby the train just magically appeared. Oh well. 
I've had Rhett's Easter bow tie stowed away since last summer and we snagged the hat at the dangerous Target dollar spot. It took some convincing for him to wear it, but the complements were rolling in all day, which totally inflated his ego, but they kept the hat on. I was dying on the cuteness!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

spring is here!

The sun, the breeze, the sunglasses. Be still my heart, spring is here!
Between extra work hours and the usual activities, we've tried to spend as much time as possible outside. Playdates, park days, family walks--spring is definitely our jam.
 Rhett's new favorite thing is pulling his green chair outside and reading books while he waits for André to come home. He's the cutest little old man you've ever seen.
 Swings. All day every day. We rotate the playground we visit nearly every afternoon, but Rhett has scouted out the swings with the best view of dogs and cyclists on the creek trail.
We made a monster truck at the Lowe's kids clinic on Saturday and Rhett is obsessed. Future carpenter? Or future monster truck driver?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Little Moments: February

Between birthday and Valentine's Day celebrations, our trip to Utah, crazy work hours, and lingering colds for the last few weeks, February flew right by. Highlights!
 Birthday breakfast in bed--it's a great thing to be married to the Breakfast Sandwich King (we've been watching Food Network lately, can you tell from the presentation?)
Twinning for the Broncos at church on Super Bowl Sunday.
In a burst of braveness, Rhett actually asked to ride the pulley chairs at the children's museum. Progress, people!
We sent Rhett Valentine's in his little mailbox every day in February, which he proudly displayed on his bedroom door. It was a sad day when we had to take it down.
 Riding a bike at the library with a fire hat, it's the only way to do it.
Andre watched Rhett while I was at a stake meeting, and spaghetti lunch took a turn for the messy.
We were in Utah on Valentine's Day, so our belated date was the best breakfast of my life at The Buff. Seriously, come to Boulder and we'll take you--it's amazing!
Sunny days mean bike riding weather!
We've been helping a little bit at a friend's daycare, where Rhett loves playing with the big kids. He's often their guinea pig, like when he got chosen to be traced on the driveway.
Hiking in February? I'll take it! We found a little trail that is perfect for Rhett and has beautiful mountain views. Win win win.
The most gorgeous snowy morning on Andre's walk to school--in true Colorado fashion, the sun came out and melted everything by lunch.
Rhett loves to "help" open presents, so we turned him into one!
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