Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Utah Road Trip

When the Kaisers asked if we wanted to come on a quick trip to Utah with them, we jumped on it because (1) being a passenger on a road trip is infinitely better than being a driver, (2) we love mooching, and (3) we take any chance we can to go back to our old stomping grounds.

If there was a hashtag for our trip it would be #basicutahwinter because we basically just did the same things that have been flooding our social media feeds for months, but it was great! It was a super short trip and we wish we could have seen more people and done more things, but we loved the time we had and being able to be together with the whole Kaiser fam.

We went through the Provo City Center Temple open house on Saturday. Andre sung in the old tabernacle in the BYU Mens Chorus and we went to Stake Conference there for years. I was across the street the morning it burned down and we went on countless walks to check on the construction when we lived just a few blocks away. It was amazing to see it rebuilt as a temple. The inside was gorgeous and detailed and a perfect tribute to Provo's pioneer heritage. Even though we had tickets, we still had to wait in line for an hour, so Rhett was kind of done by the time we made it inside. He was a trooper, though, and loved seeing the pictures of Jesus. Even though the temple isn't dedicated yet, there is definitely a special spirit inside. [This video is super interesting/informative about the architectural details of the temple--definitely worth a watch before you go].
Hands in the pockets kills me every time.

We also bundled up for a trip to the Midway Ice Castles. Rhett was mesmerized by just the outside and was uncharacteristically brave and adventurous inside.
Rhett loves princesses of all kinds, so meeting Anna and Elsa at the entrance was the highlight of his day.
I'm dying over this picture--the straight face and Christmas Story-esque winter gear are perfect.
Rhett loved finding little "caves" and tunnels that were just his size. 
Rhett said his favorite part was going down the slides, even with a wet bum.
We also got to meet baby Eli and are already scheming for how to get him and Rhett to be BYU roommates like their dads.

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