Tuesday, February 2, 2016

little moments: january

and just like that, it's february. let's look back, shall we?
 Rhett's first snow angel. It was quite the process
Cheesin' in the snow!
Rhett is turning into a jokester--he thought it would be so funny if he and Dad switched church shoes
The car mat is a hit--he drives allll over all day every day.
 That pose. Those slippers. That face!
Inspired by Daniel Tiger, Rhett asked to help with dinner one night and became an asparagus pro
Andre has embraced the concept of a Saturday "crafternoon" when he started making his own cufflinks.
"I'm just reading two chapters, mom"
 We love (or hate) ourselves, so we embarked on another Whole30. I had to prove to Andre that I could stick with it while in Portland, so here's a compliant(-ish) funeral luncheon
Turning our hotel into a Treasure girls suite!
Baby Scott! Those cheeks!
Superhero Rhett
Rhett has no idea who Darth Vader is, but he found our friends' mask and thought he was hilarious.
Cafe Rio just opened two blocks from our apartment (awesome/terrible news), but our free VIP meal had to (once again) be curtailed by that dang Whole30. (We took our dressing home to save for later, because we just can't turn that stuff down.)
Rhett is obsessed with yoga, so we made it official and got a kids yoga DVD. He puts our "yoga mats" (blankets) for each of us and is actually pretty good!

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