Sunday, February 21, 2016

book chat 4.0

Another round of books in the books. As much as I cruise GoodReads for book reviews, I just prefer to write my own reviews here. I'm trying to branch out from my usual YA or self help books, and look! I'm making a little progress:
I read Cleaning House on an airplane and had an interesting conversation about with a nosy seat neighbor. It's a great book and one that I definitely want to read every few years to refresh my techniques as Rhett gets older. The basic idea is a Happiness Project-style initiative of a mom to teach her kids a new skill/chore every month to get rid of youth entitlement. Super interesting, even if you don't have kids, and I liked that she brought in a few Christian principles.
I am morbidly fascinated by presidential assassinations, so I'm not sure why it took me so long to read Killing Kennedy, but I finally got around to it. I knew the basic story, but I loved all of the other details Bill O'Reilly brought in and the picture he painted of the administration and other political happenings at the time. It was a little too dramatic for me at times, and the actual assassination and aftermath felt a little rushed, but I'll definitely be reading Killing Lincoln next.
It's embarrassing how fast I breezed through The Selection series (we're talking three books in three days), and I got a little embarrassed when people asked what I was reading, but these teen books (we're talking total fluff here) are a fun, light read. It's The Bachelor meets Princess Diaries, so naturally I loved it, even if the writing was clunky. But the romance! the ballgowns! the castle! There's a teenager inside all of us.
My childhood dreams of going to space camp turned into nightmares while reading The Martian. It was action packed and super interesting, and I loved the humor and creativity of Mark Watney. The dialogue-less parts from Mark's mission logs where a little long and science-heavy, but still good. Warning: the language is pretty bad. We watched the movie the day after I finished the book, and while it is definitely a great movie, the book is always better. 

I think everyone and their dog has read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but it's definitely worth a read if you haven't. Some of her ideas are a little out there and impractical, but I like the general principles of filling your house with things that bring you joy. I haven't tried her purging techniques (we're not in a great place right now and Andre might kill me), but asking myself if something brings joy has stopped me from making a few ill-advised purchases.


  1. I love your book reviews. I add most of them to my to-read list every time. Don't even ask Tyler about the Marie Kondo book. I read it right before we moved from Galveston and purged eeeeeverything. He is always so ticked when he can't find something I got rid of. ha! I agree, the mindset is what I like most about the book. Quit trying to save everything for some hypothetical scenario that may or may not happen 5 years down the road and just keep the stuff you really use!

  2. yay books! that selection series sounds like a brilliant guilty pleasure, so thanks for the heads up on that. and also YAS for "killing kennedy" - i recommend stephen king's "11/22/63" - it's a LOOOONG fiction book about the assassination and it's riveting, especially after reading "killing kennedy."


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