Friday, December 11, 2015

pre-Christmas festivities

Between crazy work hours, law school finals, and a week of sickness, Christmas is definitely sneaking up on us. The good news is that Rhett totally gets Christmas this year--he is obsessed with Christmas trees, lights, and baby Jesus. Here's a little of the pre-holiday fun we've been able to sneak in:
Rhett was a champ for Santa. The kid will do anything "scary" if he's promised a cookie afterwards. It didn't hurt to have the nicest Santa, no line, and delicious treats at a random bank.
Taking advantage of the 60 degree weather this week with a stroll to see the Boulder lights.
We're always travelling for Christmas, so this is our first Christmas tree in five years of marriage. It was a blast from the past to see ornaments from my childhood. Rhett can't stop staring at the tree, especially his new Christmas Thomas ornament (to the right of his head).
Trying to teach Rhett the real meaning of the season--he's more into the animals, but at least we're trying?


  1. Love the felt manger scene! Did you make that? I'm working on teaching Avery the Christmas Story. That would be a big help!

    1. Ha! I definitely did not make the manger scene. I bought it on clearance at Michaels after last Christmas for like 70% off. We did just get this nativity scene that allll our friends have and love:


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