Tuesday, December 1, 2015

november highlights

it's december! the best time of the year (the best time of the year!) november was pretty great, too--here are some favorite little moments:
we stole Rhett's halloween chocolate to make deluxe brownies. verdict=good, but not as amazing as billed on pinterest
november--the month of stuffed animal obsession
sunny park days!
cold football game nights!
 I got to see my old roommate Juliet! She even got to witness the wonder of the primary program (this is my relieved face after it was over)
just a couple of budding musicians
some friends convinced me to try jamberry nails, so I went all in with the mixingest patterns I could find (while still being on my personal brand, no?)
leaves for dayssss
temple buddies
Rhett's glamorous thanksgiving meal
post-thanksgiving snow walk. we indoctrinated our friends from China on the way of American feasting and freezing
Rhett goes to a Nuggets game

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