Wednesday, December 30, 2015

christmas 2015

This Christmas was magical. Rhett is at such as fun age to understand a lot of what is going on and to get excited about all the festivities. We wanted to stay home and start our own family traditions, and luckily we convinced my parents to come to Boulder. We were in heaven with Nana and Poppy here and enjoyed a great weekend together. Highlights!
We had our first official Kaiser Shepherd's Dinner on Christmas Eve. We ate simple shepherd food on the floor (André nixed dressing up) and read the Christmas story. Rhett took good care of his plastic sheep, but it soon turned into a car driving session.
Christmas Eve Pajamas and toddler sass
Our proud parenting moment came from the play kitchen. We found the old hutch and then refinished it and added a sink, burners, and hooks. Basically, we're starting our DIY Network show soon.

Rhett was obsessed with the kitchen. We took a long break from opening presents so he could make food for everyone. 
We visited the Butterfly Pavilion, where Rhett loved the fish, bugs, and butterflies. 
Whenever we talked about Nana and Poppy coming, Rhett said all he wanted to do with them was play cars, read books, and take a nap. We definitely spent a lot of time doing all three things. 
A trip to the candy factory that ended with "candy cans" for everyone! 
We loved every minute of Christmas, even though we are still recovering. Now on to New Years!

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