Thursday, December 31, 2015

So long, 2015

2015 was a great year for the Kaisers. We settled in a new groove, tried some new things, had some adventures, worked hard, and played hard. Here are some highlights (aka our Christmas letter--repurposing for the win!)

little moments: December

 a trip to see the live reindeer
Rhett's first sip of hot chocolate on a Rhett and Mom date to Starbucks
We found the junior Pope-mobile!
Artist in training
 Christmas parade in Golden
Santa round 2
Our mischievous Christmas monkeys were up to crazy antics all over the house
Just being silly during Christmas crafts
Rhett shocked us my riding in a dog cart by himself with no issues. He proudly showed off his dog trading cards for days afterwards.
Speaking of brave, this crazy kid found his favorite ride at the kiddie amusement park--the Whip. I was seriously concerned he was going to get whip lash or lose his lunch, but he loved it.
Carousel time. 
Celebrating Noon Years Eve at the library

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

christmas 2015

This Christmas was magical. Rhett is at such as fun age to understand a lot of what is going on and to get excited about all the festivities. We wanted to stay home and start our own family traditions, and luckily we convinced my parents to come to Boulder. We were in heaven with Nana and Poppy here and enjoyed a great weekend together. Highlights!
We had our first official Kaiser Shepherd's Dinner on Christmas Eve. We ate simple shepherd food on the floor (André nixed dressing up) and read the Christmas story. Rhett took good care of his plastic sheep, but it soon turned into a car driving session.
Christmas Eve Pajamas and toddler sass
Our proud parenting moment came from the play kitchen. We found the old hutch and then refinished it and added a sink, burners, and hooks. Basically, we're starting our DIY Network show soon.

Rhett was obsessed with the kitchen. We took a long break from opening presents so he could make food for everyone. 
We visited the Butterfly Pavilion, where Rhett loved the fish, bugs, and butterflies. 
Whenever we talked about Nana and Poppy coming, Rhett said all he wanted to do with them was play cars, read books, and take a nap. We definitely spent a lot of time doing all three things. 
A trip to the candy factory that ended with "candy cans" for everyone! 
We loved every minute of Christmas, even though we are still recovering. Now on to New Years!

Friday, December 11, 2015

pre-Christmas festivities

Between crazy work hours, law school finals, and a week of sickness, Christmas is definitely sneaking up on us. The good news is that Rhett totally gets Christmas this year--he is obsessed with Christmas trees, lights, and baby Jesus. Here's a little of the pre-holiday fun we've been able to sneak in:
Rhett was a champ for Santa. The kid will do anything "scary" if he's promised a cookie afterwards. It didn't hurt to have the nicest Santa, no line, and delicious treats at a random bank.
Taking advantage of the 60 degree weather this week with a stroll to see the Boulder lights.
We're always travelling for Christmas, so this is our first Christmas tree in five years of marriage. It was a blast from the past to see ornaments from my childhood. Rhett can't stop staring at the tree, especially his new Christmas Thomas ornament (to the right of his head).
Trying to teach Rhett the real meaning of the season--he's more into the animals, but at least we're trying?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

november highlights

it's december! the best time of the year (the best time of the year!) november was pretty great, too--here are some favorite little moments:
we stole Rhett's halloween chocolate to make deluxe brownies. verdict=good, but not as amazing as billed on pinterest
november--the month of stuffed animal obsession
sunny park days!
cold football game nights!
 I got to see my old roommate Juliet! She even got to witness the wonder of the primary program (this is my relieved face after it was over)
just a couple of budding musicians
some friends convinced me to try jamberry nails, so I went all in with the mixingest patterns I could find (while still being on my personal brand, no?)
leaves for dayssss
temple buddies
Rhett's glamorous thanksgiving meal
post-thanksgiving snow walk. we indoctrinated our friends from China on the way of American feasting and freezing
Rhett goes to a Nuggets game
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