Tuesday, November 17, 2015

triumphs and tragedies

I survived earnings season! It's always an accomplishment to make it through weeks of seemingly non-stop editing, but this time seemed to kick my butt more than before. It's nice to have my evenings back to focus on other freelance work.

The primary program went off without a hitch. People laughed, they cried, they cried because they were laughing. The kids were adorable and the spirit was strong. Definitely a win.

Rhett is teaching himself to Irish step dance, thanks to something he saw on Sesame Street. He's actually pretty good at it, but you don't want to be in close range when he does the kick.

Andre registered for his LAST SEMESTER of law school. The end is in sight, people!

We scored free tickets to the CU football game on Friday, and I experienced the wonder of seeing Ralphie the buffalo run in person. It was magical.
Sko Buffs, as they say
Someone puts a giant Christmas star on the mountains around Boulder and it's been one of my favorite Colorado Christmas things the last two years. It just went up for this year and we can see it from our house and I love it so so much.

Our electronics are dying at the same time--our TV and my car fob are super finicky, and my laptop has turned into a desktop because the screen glitches whenever I move it. Come quick, payday and Black Friday!

I'm surrounded by slightly sickies over here. Bring on the Airborne!

Our Christmas shopping is almost done (I realize this really should be a triumph, but I really love Christmas shopping and finding great things for great deals, so it's sad when there's nothing left to buy. #firstworldproblems, I know).
This is nap time at our house. I just found this picture from when I accidentally left my phone in Rhett's room and he did his ritual climbing out of bed instead of napping, and apparently had a photoshoot of his feet. There's also riveting video, but I'll spare you. 

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