Sunday, November 1, 2015

october snapshots

what a month! October seriously flew by between all of the work, school, church, and life happenings. It would be a shame to let all the fun we had this month go undocumented, so here is October in all it's glory. 

We started the month at our favorite pumpkin patch where Rhett was in total heaven. The tractors, the animals, the wagons, the hay maze--he loved it all!
He grabbed a wagon as soon as we got there and was off!
We enjoyed every minute of the perfect fall weather, including playing outside while we waited for Andre to come home from school. 
 Rhett started a new "class" at the rec center. I thought we were getting open-play gymnastics (ball pits, trampolines, etc.), but it's really just open-play big toys. Oh well, he still loves it. 
 Again, the perfect fall weather. Colorado was killing it this year and we soaked it all up!
 Andre and I finally cashed in our Groupon for a ropes course/amusement park in Golden. Sure, we were the only adults there without kids, but we had a blast! I even conquered the fear of heights I didn't know I had!
Ropes course machine
Me! On a slackline way in the air! And I'm smiling! This is big, people! 
We finally got to try those trampoline bouncers I envy at the fair, and they did not disappoint. Andre did lots of flips, much to the enjoyment of the tweens below.
Andre scored a (crazy hard to come by) ticket to the GOP Presidential Debate on campus, where he realized we aren't the only Republicans in Boulder. We didn't see him on TV, but it was still an awesome experience to be in "the room where it happens", and I got to bask in the protesters and political weirdness happening around town. 
Pumpkin patch round two because why not. Rhett could have run around that hay bale "maze" all day.
For our pre-Halloween festivities we made apple teeth. Don't let Rhett's face fool you--he really loved it

Rhett was a UPS man for Halloween not because his dad is a UPS man (so many people asked us that), but because he loves UPS and delivery trucks of all kinds. I knew he was super cute, but I didn't realize how big of a hit it would be. We went trick or treating on Pearl Street where Rhett was a total celebrity. We're talking tons of people taking his picture, not being able to walk five feet without someone saying something, lots of extra candy, and even a random woman doubling back to put 53 cents in Rhett's box because he was so cute. Mom (and toddler) win. 
It wasn't all fun and games--this is what happens when you party all day with almost no nap--a full-blown tantrum outside random people's apartments whilst trick or treating. 


  1. Super cute halloween outfit! I love hearing your updates.

  2. It really is the cutest costume ever!!!


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