Sunday, October 25, 2015

the magic of thursdays

Life can get crazy and the days start to blur together after a while, but Thursdays? Well, Thursdays are special around here.

Thursday is library day, and as soon as I tell Rhett what day it is, he perks right up. This kid loves the library. We hustle to toddler time (Rhett is a total toddler time groupie. He sits in the front and basks in the toddler glory and talks about the teachers alll the time) and try to snag a good spot.

As soon as the goodbye song is over, Rhett yells "THOMAS BOOKS!" and makes a break for the children's section. He stocks up on books (seriously, like 30 books, mostly Thomas but I sneak in some variety too), walks to our reading cabana, and says "I'm so strong" as he muscles his way through. We cuddle and read for an hour before he sneaks off to grab more books.

On nice fall days, we check out our books and head down to the creek, where we throw rocks and watch the ducks before heading home for lunch.
Back home on Thursday, the reading continues (without pants, of course)

Our post-library creek view. 
It's simple but wonderful. Rhett, don't ever change. Thursdays, stay great.

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