Saturday, October 3, 2015

little moments: september

It didn't seem like a huge month, but looking back, September was full of fun memories and simple moments. Here are some highlights:
Cashier in training
Rhett and Andre in a garbage truck--turns out Rhett was more enthusiastic in theory than in practice
Randomly bought a pack of PopTarts and this is what we found!
Highlight of Rhett's month=meeting George. Andre kept saying "Hey George, look over here!", but apparently gazing off in the distance with his arms awkwardly out is part of George's schtick.
 One last ride on the Pearl Street train before summer faded away
Growing up too fast and riding the big swing
Rhett's first hike! He was a champ.
Fire station story time. Heaven for toddler boys.
 A true Kaiser--he's a runner in the making
Andre earned Top Dog for winning the 5k!
Just a boy with his animals in a box.
Opened the window early one morning to find a deer wandering through our courtyard, just munching on the neighbors' garden like he's the boss.
Two year olds, just wanting to read the instructions instead of playing a game.
Pizza date night...soaking in the outdoor eating weather while we can.
We inherited a car-shaped tent from friends in the ward, and Rhett is obsessed. He's already moved in all of his blankets and books.
Perfect early fall weather--we spent lots of afternoons by the creek in our "backyard" throwing rocks and watching the ducks.

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