Wednesday, September 2, 2015

little moments: august

August was full of lots of fun summer adventures, family time, and sunny days. But of course those aren't the things we took pictures of. Here are the less flashy (but equally fun) moments of the month.
 A fire truck came to visit and Rhett braved it to sit inside. 
Naked baby at the park...just your average Tuesday
Goats at the farm! They loved Rhett, but Rhett (clearly) wasn't so sure about them
Just lounging at outdoor story time--you've gotta do whatever it takes to get comfortable!
 Just cruisin' through the courtyard
Seriously, when did this kid turn 7? Waiting for his basketball class line a pro
Exercises all day, every day
Rhett turned the Chic fil A cow into his best dance partner--he even got a crowd of supporters 
 Farm baby!
Sewing projects are back! I'll make anything as long as it only has straight lines
Bunnies at the fair! We finally found a fair animal that didn't terrify Rhett, and he jumped at the chance to pet them.
Probably the cutest picture of these two boys 
Rhett was so proud of his creation of the huge firetruck puzzle--probably his greatest accomplishment
14,425 feet--probably my greatest accomplishment
Mountain goats were my motivation to get up the trail
An FHE lesson on family history...apparently baby boy thinks some family members are blowing in the wind

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