Sunday, September 27, 2015

five lists

good things from the week:

  1. rhett can't stop talking about his new cousin baby Scott
  2. i cleaned out our closets and sold/donated so many things at a yard sale
  3. pizza date night
  4. throwing rocks in the creek and watching the ducks
  5. general women's broadcast

words I can never spell correctly:

  1. maintenance
  2. rhythm
  3. license
  4. bureaucracy
  5. occurrence
things I dream of as I cruise real estate listings:
  1. a washer and dryer
  2. a yard
  3. air conditioning
  4. beautiful kitchens
  5. a garage
shows we've binged on netflix: (can you see a theme here? we just finished white collar and are in need of our next outlet)
  1. white collar
  2. psych
  3. chuck
  4. bones
  5. kimmy schmidt
delicious things i would love to eat right now:
  1. costco muffin
  2. pumpkin roll
  3. nutella
  4. fruit and yogurt parfait
  5. gelato 

1 comment:

  1. um, yes on license and maintenance. I had to type maintenance 3 times just now to get it right! And I suppose bureaucracy too, but how often do you use that word?!


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