Sunday, September 20, 2015

first timers

trying new things and taking names:

#1. Quandary Peak
I can't believe I never blogged about this (I think I was still recovering mentally), but for posterity, this experience definitely needs to be shared.

Colorado has 50+ mountains that are more than 14,000 feet tall--hence the name 14ers. It's a really big deal to climb them and people do it all the time and you're not really a true Coloradan until you've reach at least one summit. Andre and I wanted to hike one last summer but it never happened, so this year we put it on the calendar early and never looked back. When a freelance client paid me with a free hotel stay, it ended up being our anniversary getaway. Most people go somewhere relaxing for their anniversary, but we hiked for six hours!

Getting to the top was amazing and made everything worth it, be holy cow it was a hard hike. 6.5 miles, 3,500 feet elevation gain, and tons of rocks. It was crazy town, but Andre mountain goated himself up the mountain, carried my pack, and encouraged me to keep going. We made it and it was beautiful and I felt accomplished, but next year I'm voting for an anniversary on the beach!

#2. Rhett's first hike
We ventured to the top of Flagstaff Mountain on Labor Day expecting a short paved trail to the top. Turns out it was "rocky" and "steep" and Rhett was thrown into his first real hike. He loved it! He hopped along the trail like a bunny, picked up allll the rocks, and waved at fellow hikers. Our little nature boy!

#3. 5k
I've been talking about doing a 5k for years. The thing is, I'm super cheap and apparently not that dedicated. But when we found a great deal, we jumped on it and gave myself plenty of time to "train". I ran for weeks and Andre ran for one week and I was gassed and Andre got a prize, so there you go. But the feeling of accomplishment! and the free chocolate milk! the t-shirt! and the endorphins!

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