Saturday, September 5, 2015

be happy with this moment

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I had big plans for this three-day weekend,  but instead of enjoying the day, I'm here with a toddler who refuses to go outside (seriously--what happened to him?) and a husband who is off for another looong day at the law library. Blah. So instead I'm reminiscing about the good little moments in life recently:

+ On my run this morning (I'm a runner now...what?) the sun shown through the trees and there was a slight fall chill in the air and the creek bubbled along and my running playlist was killing it and there were less homeless people camped along the path than normal and it was perfect.

+ Rhett is talking in more sentences these days. He'll say things out of the blue like,"I love butterflies", "I'm a fish blub blub blub", and "I have Percy and Gordon. Yay you did it!" It's fascinating and cute and rewarding all at once to watch his little brain develop and put things together.

+ Work has been crazy the last few weeks with buckets of freelance projects, plus covering tons of editing shifts. But you know those days when things just click and you feel awesome about what you're doing? Those are pretty great, and I had a few of those this week. That and the paycheck definitely make the extra hours worth it.

+ Rhett is an early bird these days, so "sleeping in" on weekends is out of the question. No matter how early I get up to get things done, he always gets up soon after or even before me. But last Sunday when everyone was a little sick, I managed to get him to snuggle in bed with Andre and me for a solid five minutes. This is a super rare occurrence and it was pretty great.

+ Andre miraculously had an evening this week that he didn't have to study after dinner, so he got to play the ukelele for a while (that made him happy) and Rhett got to dance and sing along while he played (that made him happy) and I got to clean the kitchen and watch the two boys together (that made me happy).

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