Sunday, September 27, 2015

five lists

good things from the week:

  1. rhett can't stop talking about his new cousin baby Scott
  2. i cleaned out our closets and sold/donated so many things at a yard sale
  3. pizza date night
  4. throwing rocks in the creek and watching the ducks
  5. general women's broadcast

words I can never spell correctly:

  1. maintenance
  2. rhythm
  3. license
  4. bureaucracy
  5. occurrence
things I dream of as I cruise real estate listings:
  1. a washer and dryer
  2. a yard
  3. air conditioning
  4. beautiful kitchens
  5. a garage
shows we've binged on netflix: (can you see a theme here? we just finished white collar and are in need of our next outlet)
  1. white collar
  2. psych
  3. chuck
  4. bones
  5. kimmy schmidt
delicious things i would love to eat right now:
  1. costco muffin
  2. pumpkin roll
  3. nutella
  4. fruit and yogurt parfait
  5. gelato 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

first timers

trying new things and taking names:

#1. Quandary Peak
I can't believe I never blogged about this (I think I was still recovering mentally), but for posterity, this experience definitely needs to be shared.

Colorado has 50+ mountains that are more than 14,000 feet tall--hence the name 14ers. It's a really big deal to climb them and people do it all the time and you're not really a true Coloradan until you've reach at least one summit. Andre and I wanted to hike one last summer but it never happened, so this year we put it on the calendar early and never looked back. When a freelance client paid me with a free hotel stay, it ended up being our anniversary getaway. Most people go somewhere relaxing for their anniversary, but we hiked for six hours!

Getting to the top was amazing and made everything worth it, be holy cow it was a hard hike. 6.5 miles, 3,500 feet elevation gain, and tons of rocks. It was crazy town, but Andre mountain goated himself up the mountain, carried my pack, and encouraged me to keep going. We made it and it was beautiful and I felt accomplished, but next year I'm voting for an anniversary on the beach!

#2. Rhett's first hike
We ventured to the top of Flagstaff Mountain on Labor Day expecting a short paved trail to the top. Turns out it was "rocky" and "steep" and Rhett was thrown into his first real hike. He loved it! He hopped along the trail like a bunny, picked up allll the rocks, and waved at fellow hikers. Our little nature boy!

#3. 5k
I've been talking about doing a 5k for years. The thing is, I'm super cheap and apparently not that dedicated. But when we found a great deal, we jumped on it and gave myself plenty of time to "train". I ran for weeks and Andre ran for one week and I was gassed and Andre got a prize, so there you go. But the feeling of accomplishment! and the free chocolate milk! the t-shirt! and the endorphins!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

good for her, not for me

[i'm not really sure why i'm sharing this with the internet and it totally grew out of control as i was writing, but there's something cathartic of getting it all out on (virtual) paper]

This has been my motto lately: "Good for her, not for me". Thanks, Amy Poehler. Apparently I have a lot of thoughts on the subject brewing in my head, so bear with me.

Women can be so hard on each other. And on ourselves. The comparing, the judging, the gossiping. Sometimes (all the time) it seems easier to complain about things together than to celebrate our successes. The women I know are wonderful and talented and doing great things, but sometimes those accomplishments and skills get buried under a female-wide cloud of negativity and we feel ashamed to share important things.

But what about when things are awesome? Why can't we share our successes when we climb a mountain or have a good hair day or do something amazing at work? Let's be happy for each other. Just because someone else has something good happen doesn't mean you are any less of a person. Good for her (seriously, great job making that gorgeous cake/running a marathon/planning the perfect birthday party) not for me (I'll develop other talents). Just because something is a good idea for someone else doesn't mean it is the right thing for you or your family. I see you feeding your kids all the organic things and taking three pilates classes and traveling the world, but that's just not in my budget or schedule right now.

A teacher in high school read us a short story (which I can't find on the Internet for the life of me) about a society where successful people were given things to carry so they were literally weighed down and wouldn't leap higher than everyone else. The result was everyone leaping at the same level--mediocrity. Everyone has something that makes them an awesome leaper. When we compare ourselves to other people, we're weighing them down and keeping us all at the same mediocre, judgy level. Good for her for leaping! This one's not for me, but I'll go leap high on something else!

If we're being honest (we are), I'm not a fan of the mentality of many young, LDS moms that life is so hard and babies are so cranky and we should just watch Netflix all the time. Good for you, but not for me, sister! Let's get out there and do something and show all the amazing things women can do. It comes down to how we prioritize things differently from each other. For me, crossing things off my to-do list and adventuring with Rhett and meeting work deadlines are important. Making amazing holiday decorations and social media and long phone conversations aren't. But that's ok! We can all do our things and be happy and share our successes and be happy for each other! Life is good! Females are strong as heck!

Go, ladies! Leap!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

be happy with this moment

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I had big plans for this three-day weekend,  but instead of enjoying the day, I'm here with a toddler who refuses to go outside (seriously--what happened to him?) and a husband who is off for another looong day at the law library. Blah. So instead I'm reminiscing about the good little moments in life recently:

+ On my run this morning (I'm a runner now...what?) the sun shown through the trees and there was a slight fall chill in the air and the creek bubbled along and my running playlist was killing it and there were less homeless people camped along the path than normal and it was perfect.

+ Rhett is talking in more sentences these days. He'll say things out of the blue like,"I love butterflies", "I'm a fish blub blub blub", and "I have Percy and Gordon. Yay you did it!" It's fascinating and cute and rewarding all at once to watch his little brain develop and put things together.

+ Work has been crazy the last few weeks with buckets of freelance projects, plus covering tons of editing shifts. But you know those days when things just click and you feel awesome about what you're doing? Those are pretty great, and I had a few of those this week. That and the paycheck definitely make the extra hours worth it.

+ Rhett is an early bird these days, so "sleeping in" on weekends is out of the question. No matter how early I get up to get things done, he always gets up soon after or even before me. But last Sunday when everyone was a little sick, I managed to get him to snuggle in bed with Andre and me for a solid five minutes. This is a super rare occurrence and it was pretty great.

+ Andre miraculously had an evening this week that he didn't have to study after dinner, so he got to play the ukelele for a while (that made him happy) and Rhett got to dance and sing along while he played (that made him happy) and I got to clean the kitchen and watch the two boys together (that made me happy).

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

little moments: august

August was full of lots of fun summer adventures, family time, and sunny days. But of course those aren't the things we took pictures of. Here are the less flashy (but equally fun) moments of the month.
 A fire truck came to visit and Rhett braved it to sit inside. 
Naked baby at the park...just your average Tuesday
Goats at the farm! They loved Rhett, but Rhett (clearly) wasn't so sure about them
Just lounging at outdoor story time--you've gotta do whatever it takes to get comfortable!
 Just cruisin' through the courtyard
Seriously, when did this kid turn 7? Waiting for his basketball class line a pro
Exercises all day, every day
Rhett turned the Chic fil A cow into his best dance partner--he even got a crowd of supporters 
 Farm baby!
Sewing projects are back! I'll make anything as long as it only has straight lines
Bunnies at the fair! We finally found a fair animal that didn't terrify Rhett, and he jumped at the chance to pet them.
Probably the cutest picture of these two boys 
Rhett was so proud of his creation of the huge firetruck puzzle--probably his greatest accomplishment
14,425 feet--probably my greatest accomplishment
Mountain goats were my motivation to get up the trail
An FHE lesson on family history...apparently baby boy thinks some family members are blowing in the wind
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