Sunday, August 2, 2015

little moments: july

July was busy and pretty much the greatest. We travelled, celebrated, spent lots of time with friends and family, and did lots of exploring ourselves. Here are some favorite moments:

 playground evenings when daddy comes home. the greatest
check out the best reciept ever. Total savings=92%. Boom baby!
Working from home definitely has its perks, especially when you can enjoy the summer sun too
Rhett loves asking me to take his picture, so I ended up with 20 pictures of him on this horse because he was so proud of himself.
 Rhett's race car helmet. He is seriously obsessed and will wear it around the house for hours at a time. The first time he wore it the helmet was still in the packaging, but that didn't slow him one bit.
Buckets and buckets of sunflowers at the farmer's market
Trains all day every day
Hauling his own diapers and books to church--gotta start them young!
Andre snuggled our friends' baby in Utah and Rhett got jealous, so he had to join the fun.
Red Rocks!
Rhett is too cool 
Water baby, where let's be honest--he spends most of his time drinking from the fountains.

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